Keegan Brooks

Student, writer, researcher, technologist, and journalist

I’m an eighteen year-old college student with a passion for learning new things and having a positive impact on the world.

I’m currently at the University of Georgia, where I study political science, journalism, and anthropology. I’m an incoming intern at PBS NewsHour (starting in January 2024) and have previously worked for the UGA Environmental Safety Division.

I’m an alum of the Global Press Freedom Advocacy Institute (co-led by PEN America and the Student Press Law Center) and a staunch advocate for the First Amendment. I went on to attend the 2023 World Press Freedom Day conference at the United Nations with PEN America.

I’m a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Georgia First Amendment Foundation.

While in high school, I spent three years as a writer/historian/editor for my school newspaper. Other high school highlights include co-founding my school’s environmental club, captaining my school’s debate team, a successful freedom of speech lawsuit against my school district, and breaking a story about severe data security issues in the district.

What other people have said about my work:

“This is how you hold power to account when it’s failing”

Reed Richardson, managing editor at the Global Investigative Journalism Network

“The next generation with some scoop”

Scott Trubey, editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“This is award worthy, pro-level, watchdog reporting”

Emily Bloch, reporter at The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Some pretty fine sleuthing”

Dave Levinthal, editor-in-chief of Raw Story